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A Mystery of Life

Looking at the stars seeing the conundrum This is the fate of all earthlings at this spot, And knowing that everything around us is random, That we won’t be saved from our evil rock. It's not easy being a mortal creature. To know in advance, there is no salvation Even if you live here for a hundred ages Alas, your trace will be forgotten in deterioration The years will fly by like clueless moments And in a while, you will be a gray-haired man My head is still full with many phony doubts And there’s a cry from ignorance as well. As if an evil inevitability Walks around nearby Reminding me of my perishability That I won’t be young for a long time. I am eaten by thoughts and by trouble: How to build a life without knowing the world? I am swallowed up in one doubt: What am I living for? What is my verse for? There are no answers, but guesses are the endless sea And with this knowledge, I need to live To have a Consciousness is grief and woe It's so hard through life with it to swim! My judgment always yearns for knowledge To get the answers to all ‘whats?’ and ‘whys?’ How difficult it’s to convey to my mind: ‘Such answers you will never find’

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