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Fun in the Sun - Street Smart Summer fashion around the World.

by Neel Majumder

Like each year, 2018 also comes with so many possibilities, and we have to justify every season with daily dressing. When summer is around the corner with its scorching hug, you need something comfortable with oodles of cool to get you blazing through the season! Indian Summer is known as one of the most hottest summer of the world. So it might be worth a while to look around the world for some hottest summer fashion ideas. Well we may not cool down the heat but we certainly can give it a competition by being "As Hot as Blazing Summer".

If you, too, have been pondering the death of the trend and the rise of personal style with pocket friendly budget, look no further than the humid streets of New York for proof, where you’re as likely to see denim shorts with man size trench or white long dress or a mod miniskirt or neck-to-knee athleisure. It’s hard to find the common thread between denim jumpsuits and off-the-shoulder tops and shirts knotted around waists because there isn’t one. It’s referential to infinity!

China's largest city, Shanghai, has been undergoing a fashion boom over the past few years, with young creatives sprouting out of the ground almost as fast as the city's rapidly developing skyline. Just like the city, the vibe is minimalist and functional, all of this with a clean edge. Tailored separates worn with a minimal aesthetic is what reins the streets of Shanghai. Build an outfit around a crisp solid coloured shirt or the perfect polo. Accessorize with the bare minimum and .. Bingo ! we have a Showstopper.

Italy is considered as one of the most stylish country of the world where fashion is a religion. They always look put-together, even when they're just heading to the grocery store. Milan, the economic power source of Italy is also known as the - heart of fashion world. Italian style incomplete without vibrancy. Bring on your inner diva and rock colour blocking with grace. Match it with the fierce appeal to be the va-va-voom — a la Sophia Loren.

Fashion in France is an important aspect in the spectrum of culture and social life, as well as being an important aspect of the economy. Fashion design and production gained prominence in France from the 15th century. Paris is regarded as the world's fashion capital. Clean effortless structured separates pieced in together with summer essentials such as hats and sunnies. It doesn’t get easier than this! Also, au naturel is the way to go.

India is hot in the summer. Really hot actually! Most parts of the country can be above 105 Fahrenheit during the summer months. Sometimes it can be close to 115 Fahrenheit as well. Add to that the high humidity in the coastal regions, and it can be a real pain. But Indians know how to sail through the hot months in style. When the skyrocketing temperatures get beyond control the only way to retain the cool quotient is through fashionable Indian summer wear.


The preferred summer friendly fabric "cotton" has a long standing relationship with the people of India. India’s premium cotton fabrics and dyes are famous across the world of fashion. Beside traditional Saree, Salwar & Kurtis; Indians know exactly how to be trendy and stylish even in this boiling summer. Fashionable eye wear and umbrellas are the must in a "check-in" list whenever they go out in this scorching heat. Beside that trendy tops and bright reflective colours are always in trending fashion. Shorts, maxi dresses, loose fit simple stylish dresses & skirts in lighter fabrics, are the wisest and stylist way to battle the Indian summer.

Models : Zeng Yingsi, Saheli Aich, Anusua Mukherjee & Baljeet Kaur
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